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Rent Strike Bargain believes that if we are to win democratic control over our housing, we must do so by running a democratic campaign. Working Groups are one of the ways we achieve that. Each Working Group is in charge of it's own portfolio, sets its own goals, and works collectively to bring them to fruition. There is certainly collaboration between Working Groups but, like at the Vancouver Tenants Union, each WG operates autonomously and without hierarchy.


Coordination & Research.jpg

Types of Tasks:

  1. Legal challenges to expand tenants rights

  2. Policy paper & arguments

  3. Uncovering stories & lessons from the history of organizing

  4. Union outreach (shared between WGs)

Organizing & Comms (Black Text).jpg

Types of Tasks:

  1. Organizing trainings & doorknocking support

  2. Tenant & worker education

  3. Coordinating regional organizing pods

  4. Website maintenance & social media work

  5. Union outreach (shared between WGs)


Unsure Which Working Group
You Should Join?

Send us an email at, or fill our the Get Involved form and an organizer with the campaign will reach out to you shortly.

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