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Modern Housing Project


Our campaign is a member-driven movement. We rely on the work of our volunteers to carry out the work of the campaign but understand that not everyone has the time to be able to participate.

In that case, people that are unable to volunteer but would still like to help the campaign are encouraged to make a financial contribution.

We are currently accepting donations via etransfer.

Please send any donation to  

Donation Prize Tiers

We are happy to be able to make various items available as prizes to individuals that make financial contributions at different values. To qualify for a prize, simply send a donation as described above.


If your donation meets the following minimum values, you are then eligible to claim the prize for that tier (while supplies last). Prizes can be claimed by sending us an email to from the same email that we received the donation from.


Arrangements for delivery or pickup can then be arranged (any added costs for shipping may be required before the prize can be claimed.)

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