The Rent Strike Bargain Campaign has three primary goals:

  1. Building Tenant-Labour Solidarity;

  2. Seeding New Tenant Unions Across BC; and

  3. Winning Collective Bargaining Rights for Renters.


Tenants and labour have fought hand in hand throughout the history of so called British Columbia to create change that benefits worker & renters alike. Right now, people in BC are facing the reality of rents that are rising much faster than wages, with little security against abuses such as renoviction. We strongly believe that real tenant unions with real collective bargaining power are the strongest step to building real security & real capacity for renters rights.


Workers deserve a union in the home as much as they deserve a union on the job. Collective bargaining & tenant unions are the best way to build power & solidarity between renters and labour. Tenant unions will protect our communities by putting the power back in tenants & workers hands to secure their housing & neighborhoods.





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Are you a worker at a union local or organization that might be interested in supporting the campaign? For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please contact us!

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To reach us for any other reason - questions, requests for press, etc. - please email us at: rentstrikebargain@gmail.com

Pledge Your Support

Members of our campaign recently sent a letter to David Eby, BC Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Housing, outlining our vision for Collective Bargaining Right for Renters. That letter can be read here: bit.ly/RSBtoAG.

If you support the vision we have outlined, sign our pledge, join the campaign, and add your voice to this historic fight. You can also indicate if you would like to volunteer your time for the cause. Only by building a province-wide coalition of renters and workers can we achieve our goals of:

  • Lower Rents

  • Real Housing Security

  • Holding Landlords Accountable

  • Putting Power Back In the Hands of Renters

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